SPTS is your professional source for recovering lost image files/ pictures on hard drives and memory cards, utilizing the most comprehensive data recover software available to recover those priceless picture files.

If you have lost or missing picture files on your memory card or external hard drive, chances are we can recover those lost files and pictures that you cannot replace!! Our data recovery services are 97% successful and we will burn all the recovered files to a DVD disk.

WARNING!!! If you have lost any or all files on your memory card or external hard drive, DO NOT USE IT until you allow us to recover those priceless images!! If you continue to record more images on the damaged memory card or drive, it is likely to write the new images over the lost images and this will make recovery impossible!!

If we fail to recover any files at all, you pay nothing!! Please remember that we cannot  guarantee that we will be successful to recover specific picture files, but if recover any files at all, no matter the age of the images recovered, then our $35.00 minimum recover fee will apply.

Our computerized recovery system will scan your memory card or hard drive, repair, re-construct and recover as many picture files as possible.  This automated process can take hours or up to two days depending on the capacity of the memory device. When its complete, we will burn recovered files to a DVD for safe keeping.

Questions?? Please call our Tech-Support team at 305-653-7355 or email us at: service@sp-ts.com