iRepairs for iPhone, iPad, and iPods


As an Authorized Service Center for all major brands of photographic equipment, our factory trained technicians use the same tools, test equipment and repair procedures as the manufacturers we represent. Our expertise in camera repairs began in 1948 and our technicians provide our customers the same level of service as the manufacturer, yet we are less expensive, more accessible and provide our customers a more personable experience.

And then came the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod!!!

Our technicians began repairing these Apple products for friends and family members as a cost saving measure, and now we offer the SAVINGS TO YOU, our valued customers.

We can save you over 50% on repairs for your iPad, the iPhone and the iPod

Please visit our “Contact Page” for locations and hours of operation.

Mail-in customers:

Print our on-line repair form and fill out the form completely. Pack your equipment properly, use a minimum of two inches of packing material and include our repair form inside the box with the equipment. Insure your package properly!

International Customers:

To prevent incorrect duty or tax assessments, all international shipments must include the proper importation documents that specify that the equipment is being imported temporarily into the USA for “repairs only”, and that the equipment will be returned to the country of origin, and not offered for sale.

International FedEx Customers:

On the International FedEx shipping form, there is a “Duties and Taxes” box on the right side of the form. You must check the box that states the “SHIPPER” is responsible for all duties and taxes.

ALL International FedEx shipments will be rejected and returned to the customer if the “Duties and Taxes” box is NOT filled out properly!!! This requirement only applies to FedEx shipments and we regret having to enforce this requirement, but it is necessary. 


Use these Forms for Shipping

Shipping Form Commercial Invoice

Shipping Form FCC Waiver








MIAMI: (305) 653-7355