As technology  changes, so do the devises we use to display our memories past. Video recording has gone digital and you can no longer buy older devises to view you older film and tapes that are priceless.

SPTS offers the following types of video and movie tape transfers at affordable prices.

8mm and Super 8mm film type “reel to reel” movies

16mm film type “reel to reel” movies

VHS and compact VHS video tapes

BetaMax video tapes

8mm and Hi-8 video cassettes

Mini DV cassettes

Memory cards

Our video transfers start at $24.99 and up. SPTS offers substantial discounts on volume of transfers, so we suggest to bring in all of your older media tapes and cassettes at one time so we can offer you the BEST VOLUME DISCOUNTS possible!!

Our Video DVD’s are compatible “DVD multi-session format” and can be used or displayed on computers or home DVD movie players.

Questions?? Please call our Tech-Support at 305-653-7355 and ask to speak to our Video Transfer specialist.