How to Care for Your Equipment


Isaac Hadid, President and master technician with over 30 years of experience offers educational programs to colleges, universities, public schools and camera clubs. These programs are extremely unique and are continuously requested by photography teachers and camera clubs on a regular basis.

“Everybody will learn something new, something no one else will ever teach you!”


“Camera Care and Maintenance”

Isaac has created a “Camera Care and Maintenance” program that is truly amazing. His hands on approach to gives you inside look into your camera and explains the various components’, their importance and durability. “To hold two shutters in your hand, one from a amateur camera and one from a professional camera, you can see the major differences and understand why professional cameras are so costly.”

Isaac also explains warranties, good purchasing habits and completes his program with simple, inexpensive ways to care for your camera and how to avoid a costly repairs.

“Isaac actually teaches you how to avoid a costly repair at his shop!!” Very Unorthodox !!!

Isaac provides his “Camera Care and Maintenance” programs for free in South Florida for most photography classes and camera clubs.

Travel fees apply to areas beyond South Florida and commercial applications.

Please contact Isaac if you are interested in scheduling this “priceless program” for your club or class.

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