Nikon D4s PRO Upgrade

“We have upgraded hundreds of D4s cameras,
none have experienced a shutter failure!”


Press Release: 02/01/2013
Southern Photo Technical Service, a Nikon Authorized Service Center owned and operated by master technician Isaac Hadid, has created a modified Nikon D4s that is proudly referred to as the “Pro”.

This Nikon D4s “Pro” is a beefed up Nikon, ready to handle harsher environments and reduce general maintenance with enhanced weather proofing seals, additional dust traps installed in critical areas and what Isaac calls a shutter enhancement that will increase shutter life to an estimated 800,000 frames. If needed, the auto focus is tweaked to optimum precision and the best part is, Southern Photo will warranty the shutter life as well. Lastly, the camera is “branded” with the word “Pro” by laser engraving for the vanity in all of us die hard Nikonians.

This project was the brainstorm of Jim Winters, one of Southern Photos valued customers. Years ago, Jim asked Isaac to beef up his prized new Nikon D3s and make it a “one of a kind camera” that every Nikon professional would dream to own.

Isaac is well known as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced camera technicians in the U.S. and has served as a factory-trained technician for more than 10 major camera manufacturers over the last 30 years. Isaac used his vast experience to develop several modifications that would greatly reduce general camera maintenance by reducing overall wear and tear to increase reliability and product value.

Within hours of showing the camera to a few of Jim’s friends a few years ago, phone orders for a D3s Pro started pouring in from other South Florida photographers that use Southern Photo for all their photographic service and repair needs. Now the “D4s Pro’ has been born!!

What does it cost to modify your prized Nikon D4 and turn it into a “Pro”?? A straight up $500.00 or what Isaac says is less than 10% of the retail cost of a New D4.


What do you get??

Enhanced weather proofing seals
Additional dust traps installed in critical areas
Shutter enhancement, warranted for 800,000 frames

Precision Auto Focus calibration adjustment (When needed)
The word “Pro” will be laser engraved to “identify” and “increase the resale value” of the camera.

Enjoy a beefed up, more reliable camera that has a track record of reduced sensor cleanings.

For more details, call Southern Photo Technical Service at 305-653-7355 or toll free at (866) RUSH-FIX.

Nikon D4s Pro disclaimer:

The Nikon D4s Pro camera is modified Nikon D4. The modifications are created and installed by Southern Photo as an exclusive performance enhancement to reduce general service and maintenance for customers of Southern Photo.

The extended shutter life of the D4s Pro is warranted by Southern Photo, and insured by NBS Warranty Services and not NIKON USA.

The performance enhancements are the brain child of Isaac Hadid, a master technician with 27 years experience in the camera repair industry. Isaac is well known and considered one of the most experienced factory trained technicians in the U.S.A.. Since Southern Photo is an Authorized Service Center for Nikon and many major camera manufacturers, it is our legal duty to explain that the performance enhancements used to create the D3s Pro are not approved or supported by Nikon USA.

Complete written disclaimer is available by sending email to or calling 305-653-7355 or toll free at (866) RUSH-FIX.





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