Serious and costly damage can and will occur if you attempt to clean the mirror, focusing screen or imaging sensor with any type of wipe, swap, vacuum or high pressure air.” LEAVE THIS AREA TO OUR FACTORY TRAINED TECHNICIANS.” We repair dozens of cameras each week from customers attempting to clean the internal areas of the camera. Scratched focusing screens, damaged mirror and mis-alined mirrors that alters auto focus operation, damaged shutters and the most critical, damaged or scratched imaging sensors!


Do you have dust on your sensor?  Here’s how you can tell. Check for spots similar to these on your photos. Your images can be ruined by sensor dust and cause you hours or days of touch up’s using Phototoshop or other editing software.


This sample image shows a scratched sensor caused by customers attempting to clean the sensor themselves. Although this scratch is substantial, micro scratches occur as well by improper cleaning tools and techniques. Don’t take chances, let our factory trained technicians handle this task to prevent any damage to the most expensive component of your camera!

Southern Photo Technical Service has factory trained technicians that provide professional sensor cleanings for all types of digital SLR’s. Our sensor cleaning services include:

Professional sensor cleaning
Exterior camera cleaning
Exterior lens cleaning
Mirror and focusing screen cleaning
Firmware upgrade
Quick camera function testing
Quick lens function testing
Free re-cleaning of sensor for 30 days (A Southern Photo Exclusive)

Our sensor cleaning services are available while you wait at our N. Miami Beach Location. (M-F 8am-4pm)

Mail-in sensor cleaning services are provided in one business day, and shipped out next business day.

MIAMI: (305) 653-7355