Testaments: Southern Photo, the largest photographic equipment repair service for nearly half the Worlds Cruise Ship Lines, including Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Disney, Royal Caribbean and more! Cruise ship photographers capture more photos than any other type of photographer 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they need the reliability of Southern Photo to keep their equipment working properly!! reviewed in the last week

Quality Excellent

Went to Southern Photo Technical Service for camera sensor cleaning. As I was walking through the door I was immediately asked how I could be helped. Receptionist directed me to one of the technicians, named Isaac. I explained the service I needed and he immediately dropped what he was doing and got to work on my camera while I waited. I was able to watch him work from across the room and I can honestly say he was very thorough and did an excellent job. He not only cleaned the sensor, contacts, and battery case, he did a total camera cleaning including lens and body. His charge for the service was extremely reasonable.

Rene Triay


Quality Excellent

I have been using Southern Photo for over eight years now and SPTS is the only repair shop I allow to work on my professional equipment. I have seen them go through tough times with back ordered parts that caused a delay in repair time, but that’s not their fault, its part of the business. Most important is the quality of workmanship that keep my cameras operating to perfection, and reliable!

Jim Winters- Nikon Miami   www.nikonmiami.com



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Victor Lund  reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

These Guys are the best. Be sure and ask for Zack – he is one of the top guys for Nikon and Cannon – does all of our work.


A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Thank you for fixing my lens to my satisfaction. Professional equipment costs so much. So finding qualified repair techs to stand by one’s side can be difficult. Isaac has lived up to that level of expectation.


A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

I’m a photographer with very slippery hands, always dropping & breaking my gear, I’ve had to visit the folks at Southern Photo more often than I’d like. But every time I’ve gone, they’ve gone out of their way to help me. Everything I need is done in a timely manner and my equipment always comes back in brand new condition. There is no other place I’d trust to open up, dismantle, fix, reassemble my cameras & lenses like I trust Southern Photo. Thanks for all the help all these years!!!


Photo of Pascal D.

Pascal D.

Miami, FL   6/8/2010

Southern Photo Technical Services is the best local repair facility I know. I’m a Miami based commercial photographer and these guys have done a tremendous job on everything from simple sensor cleanings of my digital camera (if you’re nice they may do it while you wait 🙂 to finding a piece to repair a lens that was over 10 years old and that the manufacturer did not service any more.  They are an authorized repair center for all the major brands and are the first place I go to when I need my cameras and lenses fixed.

A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was panicking when my 5d mark II wouldn’t focus, and after being told that I needed to send the camera to Canon for a 4-6 week repair period – Isaac at Southern Photo, totally calmed me down and gave me the reassurance that this is a simple fix, which it was. I waited all of 5 minutes for him to get me back in business!!! The moral of the story: ALWAYS check with Southern Photo first before you send your equipment to the manufacturer.

A Google User


Overall Excellent

I needed to sell some of my equipment and didn’t want the hassle of going to eBay. I went up to Southern Photo because they were highly recommended by a friend, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Isaac took charge of my items and the sale of them, and he did a great job keeping in contact with me about everything he was doing. My items sold in less than a week for exactly the prices I wanted. Isaac is a wonderful, friendly, and professional person to work with, and I will recommend Southern Photo to anyone.


Photo of Andrés A.

Andrés A.

Miami Beach, FL   8/18/2012

I have my cam jammed with this SD plastic cover, couldnt take it out, and drove all the way up to North Miami to the guys of southern photo. They were really cool and fast. Alexis took care of my camera and did a great job, pretty cool guy. Thank you all, its nice to know there’s some good Nikon Repair center around that I can relay on.

A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I would lose a big client when my Nikon crapped out on me in the middle of a shoot. SOUTHERN PHOTO SAVED MY ASS!!!!

A Google User




Quality Excellent

I have been coming to Southern Photo for all of my camera needs since way back when—-when I still used film cameras!

Now, I’m telling you my age, but it’s just to show everyone the level of loyalty I have for Southern Photo.

The Customer Service is unbelievably friendly and professional.

The Expert Technicians deliver what they promise.

The Owner of Southern Photo is an amazing human being who really cares about his customers!

I will follow Southern Photo wherever they go—-I only trust them with my digital camera repairs, sensor cleanings, lens care and even my “old” film cameras!

I am one happy lady—-my kids (all grown up) now take their equipment to Southern Family!



Rachael Fatmaa

West Kendall, Florida


Overall Excellent

My name is Alexandria Jane (Ali) and I am really happy with the service and advise that I received from Southern Photo.

I am a high student and I have been taking photography classes for a year but loved taking pictures my whole life!

My parents have been taking their cameras, lenses and

other photographic equipment to Southern Photo since I was a baby. Now, it’s my turn and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

The employees at Southern Photo know me and treat me like I am part of the family.

The owner of Southern Photo is like an uncle to me and is always there to give me advise and even helped me realize that the reason some spots were showing up on my pictures, was because my Nikon needed a sensor cleaning!

I learned how to care for my camera and accessories, which is very important.

I trust Southern Photo and who knows? Maybe one day I will have kids and then they will go to Southern Photo!

Thank you so much——

Southern Photo Rocks!


Ali B.



Overall Excellent

I have been bringing my camera to SPTS for years. I beleive that Isaac is the greatest camera technician I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Point blank. If you have a camera that you cherish and enjoy, but it needs some service, Isaac and the staff at SPTS is the place. Anywhere else is a compromise.

Dexter Jackson





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