RepairTECH Warranty Resolution Center

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Southern Photo Technical Service Opens Warranty Resolution Center.

Warranty Resolution Center created to assist customers that own RepairTech Inc. Warranties for digital cameras and photographic equipment after demise and disappearance of RepairTech Inc.

Feb. 10th 2009 — Southern Photo Technical Service has stepped up to assist digital camera owners that purchased Extended Warranties from RepairTech Inc. and now have a useless warranty certificate after RepairTech Inc. closed its doors and disappeared. SPTS is an Authorized Service Center for major brands of photo equipment and SPTS sustained financial losses as well with the closing of RepairTech Inc. for repair services they provided under the RepairTech Extended Warranty program. Southern Photo understands the financial loss of the customers who purchased RepairTech Warranties and is offering assistance in negotiating financial settlements with the retailers that sold the RepairTech Extended warranties for digital cameras and other photographic equipment. SPTS cannot assist owners of computers, TV’s, GPS’s or other consumer electronic devices since SPTS does not service such equipment.

March. 6th 2009 — Caroline Kovach of WPIX channel 10 in New York airs segment on the closing of RepairTech and offers to direct RepairTech digital camera customers to the “Warranty Resolution Center” for assistance from Isaac Hadid and his team of warranty resolution experts. With the help of Caroline Kovach, WPIX may broadcast the segments in all CW Network affiliates across the country and add the information to the WPIX web site.

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